Top 5 Tips To Prolong Battery Life

When you buy e-cigarettes you also check the battery. In fact, battery is one of the primary factors that affect your decision when buying one. When you research vape sets in the internet, battery is one of the components that you check if it works great or not. This is because the life of battery speaks about the overall performance of device. Batteries can quickly die out if you fail to take care of it properly. The price of e-cigarette batteries are not the same, it differs depending on various factors that might affect its efficiency.

There are few and simple things that you can do in order to prolong the life of your batteries and delay the replacement of it.
  • Use it regularly. This is like other batteries which are designed to use frequently. When you buy e-cigarettes make sure to use the device regularly because the more you use the device, the easier the power flows into its cells which then increase the efficiency as well as the lifespan of it. Consider your batteries as your regular work-out that needs to be done regularly. Although, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you use your vape almost all the time everyday. However, leaving your vape unused for a long period surely affect its performance.
  • Know where to store you e-cigar. You should know that when you buy e-cigarettes the device shouldn’t be placed where sunlight can hit it directly. In addition, keep the device away from the water and be careful not to drop it because of the impact on the batteries can change a lot in terms of performance.
  • Don’t Drain the Batts to 0%. When you buy e-cigarettes it usually have two batteries in the starter kit. The purpose for this is to have an easier switching of batteries whenever you need to. Always remember not to fully drain the batteries to 0% before changing it. Do not wait for the warning to start blinking before recharging.
  • Disconnect the cartomizer if not in use. Vape users should at least know that cartomizer can consume e-juice. Hence, it is better to take it if not in use. If you disconnect the cartomizer it helps prolong or increase the battery life.
  • Unplug the e-cig battery if not use. If the batts are fully charged make sure to unplug. Do not overcharge it because just like any other devices like laptop or cellphones, overcharging can reduce their lifespan. Avoid charging the batts overnight, eventhough it is convenient yet definitely not recommended.

So, that’s all! Very simple reminders that well surely help you prolong the life of your batts. When you buy e-cigarettes make sure to take note these guides because very tested, it will spare you from buying new vape batts again and again for a very short period of time only.

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