The Differences Between Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes [Choosing the Less Evil]

cigarettes vs e cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is undeniably unstoppable but a very unhealthy vice. Even some doctors who would usually advice to stop smoking can’t even stop themselves from doing it. Such activity is very addicting, if you are used to it you tend to crave for it and can’t resist but to smoke. A person who are used to smoking would always find ways to o do it even if it is bad for his health.

But thanks to technology especially the social media because the disadvantages and negative side effects of smoking tobacco has been presented to the public and the people were informed and educated about its bad result to our body. The dissemination of information about e-cigarettes has also reached the public greatly. Thus, those who are willing to change this bad habit can possibly do it without any hesitation because the e-juices are irresistible.

What are the awesome benefits of when you buy electronic cigarettes compared to smoking tobacco?

  • Vaping means no toxins and tar related with tobacco.

Best E Cigarette Australia unlike tobacco don’t have nicotine. It means you don’t need to consume 4000 plus chemicals. Aside from that, there are also 40 carcinogens that are produced due to burning tobacco.

Smokers are also obsessed with their hand-to-mouth gesture. Hence, they keep on doing such activity even if it caused them harm.

  • No cigarette or smoke smell

Unlike the with the smoking of tobacco, e-cigs don’t emit smoke. Such irritating smell of smoke would stick on your clothes, skin, hair, furniture, and even walls if you are inside the house. The e-cigarettes on the other hand smells like vanilla, choco, or your favorite fruits, and drinks. The smell won’t stay on your clothes or hair as well as walls and furniture eve if you wish.

  • No cigarette ashes

Best Starter Vape do not produce ashes because there is no flame. And since there is no flame, there will be no cigarette butts as well. But the most important is zero second-hand smoke. The smoke-like coming from the vape is actually water-based which will disperse in few seconds.

  • Helps control the intake of nicotine

The E Liquid For Vaping that you can usually buy from authentic e-juices stores or shop online have nicotine strengths that you can choose. They offer from lowest (zero) to higher nicotine level. Through this you can manage the intake of nicotine. So, for those ho are just starting to withdraw from smoking they can start with higher level then adjust the nicotine slowly until they can fully adjust and eventually stop.

Lastly, using electronic vapor cigarettes are more environment friendly and endanger lives not just the smoker himself but even those who are just secondhand smokers, animals, and environment as a whole. Aside from that, e-cigs are more acceptable compared to smoking tobacco.

One of the obvious joy of using vape is the thousands of e-liquid flavors that the user can choose from. You can buy e cigarettes online and eliquids there are strawberries, cappuccino, vanilla, cherry, mint, and many more.

Wide variety of e-liquid flavors available

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