What are the reasons behind why Koopor 80w is an excellent choice? The features are listed below.

  • It has an inspiring design. This E Cigarette Starter Kit Australia has a griffin look or those that looks like medieval dragon designs. Can you imagine how it looks like? The design is perfect for those who love adventures or those who are fond of Gothic designs. By just simply looking on the designs available makes you feel like you are going back to your childhood days where dragons are really true and alive. There are four colors to choose from- white, gray, orange, and silver. Dragons are not just for kids to play and enjoy, you can have it too! Buy your very own e-cig kit Koopor 80w.
  • Durable and solid. The Koopor 80w looks like heavy but it is not. The device is handy and durable. So, if you are looking for an Electronic Vapor Cigarettes that you want to carry everyday everytime you go, this one is the ideal one. This is best or recommended for people who are regular users. The zinc alloy is the reason why the device is lightweight and portable. Having this inside your pocket seems like a paper weight because you can’t even feel its presence.
  • Cool dimension. The dimension of the Flavored Electronic Cigarettes are not an issue because you can put this anywhere since it fits perfectly even in tight space. The Knight Set has 43mmx2.5 dimension and with 81.5mm long. The Helmet on the other hand has 24.5mm dimension and can hold up to 20ml of e-juice.
  • Helmet Atomizer. The body of the Kopor 80W is perfect and solid. The Top Vape Starter Kits have an excellent design that you can carry everywhere anytime- it is something that you can show off to your friends! Aside from the design, the atomizer is also great. Something that you can be proud as well. If you want to open, simply press the lid and turn the lid to open. You can compare this to a bottle of medicine where you press and turn to open. Children won’t open this very easy because of the trick when opening.
  • Access to your Cigarettes Electronic is easy and simple. This is one of the perks of buying electronic cigarette because you have the freedom to look or check the every detail of the device without literally opening it. You just need to press the power ‘ON’ then choose the setup that can be fund at the top of USB port. Furthermore, you also have the chance to know the MOD. It will show the volt, watt, battery power, temperature, resistance, etc.

The Koopor 80W is popular not just because of marketing strategy or anything, but more than that is because of its design and great features.