What is the temperature control system?

The control system for the temperature can use the SS, Ni200, Ni-Chrome coils, and Ti readily. The Kanger has the standard of 200 up to 600 degree F which is the range of TC mods and with low resistance.


  • OLED Screen
  • Pyrex Glass Tank
  • Micro USB as its charging port
  • It has a controllable or adjustable airflow
  • It has a variable wattage fro 7W up to 75W
  • It has temperature controls: Kanthal, Ti, NiCr Ni, and SS
  • With top fill design
  • Supports 0.10ohm
  • Center Pin: 510 spring loaded
  • Needs single battery (18650). Not included in the box and is sold separately.

Is the performance of the electronic vapor cigarettes modified? This is the common question being asked by many users. Well in some other ways, yes but in some still the same. There are changes but not totally. There are reviews that TopBox tank is far better than the SubTank Mini. The TopBox produces more vapor than the latter they said.

The TopBox Mini is the famous for new users. If you are a new user here are the guides on how to choose the best electronic cigarettes online for you. Tr to answer the guide questions below in order to come up with the suitable starter kit for you.

  • Do you frequently vape?
  • Do you think a backup battery is needed for you?
  • Do you see yourself vaping outside or you just want to enjoy it at home?
  • How much is your budget for the starter kit?
  • Do you think a car charger or a wall charge is needed? Or a case for your device is needed?

If you are starting to vape, there are available flavored electronic cigarettes for you too. So, try to look for it first then for awhile look for something that you would truly enjoy. You can keep on coming back to this page and see which is best for you. This page will you latest updates and guides on what is best for you to use.

All electronic vapor cigarettes kits if you buy one is basically simple but along the way of course you tend to rebuild it or put something to add on it, improve it and make it like your very own masterpiece. If you are a new user you just use what is in there in the kit or box but believe me that over time you won’t notice you keep on improving the device because you keep on exploring what’s new and best for you to fully enjoy the experience of vaping.

You can start with the Kanger TopBox Mini. However, make sure to use the titanium coils or the nickel coils to perfectly use the temperature control system of the device. Moreover, do not use the stainless steel, Titanium, and the Ni200 with the non-temperature control mods. Please use cautiously and only utilize devices that are capable of controlling the coil temperature or else the battery of your device will explode.