Buy Vape Kits Innokin Cool Fire 4 40W

The Innokin Cool Fire 4 40W is one of the more recommended when you buy vape kits. Why? Because the device is compact and considered as the most intelligent among other vape sets available. The powerful Coolfire IV vaporizer will put you on cloud 9. This design is in-line with the best vape device ever produced this year.

Below are the key and marketable features of Innokin Cool Fire 4 40W

  • It has a sub-ohm capacity and down up to 0.3Ω
  • It has a mechanical off and on switch on base
  • It has OLED display
  • It has multiple power signals
  • Allows you to vape while charging
  • It has 3 clicks (lock and unlock buttons)
  • It has flippable screen best for those who are left-handed
  • It has safety features
  • It has a solid lanyard hole
  • It has variable wattage 6w-40w
  • It has variable voltage 3v-7.5v
  • It has a battery capacity of 2000mAh
  • It has a max output current of 12A
  • With puff length count and with total puff count
  • It has stainless steel of 510 thread and with spring connector

When you buy vape kits of Innokin Coolfire IV you will be surprised that the device perfectly fits your palm, designed for a better grip. In fact, the device is smaller than iStick 50w. The device feature a very sophisticated technology together with its voltage and wattage.

The latest Innokin get rid of their previous Cool Fires design and come out with an impressive look of box mod. The high quality yet very lightweight aluminum is best to fit your palm very comfortably. The colors and design of the device makes it aesthetically pleasing to look and carry.

And since the shape follows the contour of your hand, it is very comfortable to hold, although there are some users who disagree about this since they do not like a small-fit design. This feature is pretty cool yet subjective.

Here’s another coo feature when you buy vape kits of Innokin, you can actually view your puff counts when you press the sign of plus and minus on your vape set since you switched it off. So, it means it has a memory to record your puffs even just before you switch it off. And when you press the button fr quite sometime the screen will then eventually flip.

How to switch off the Innokin Cool Fire 4 40W?

The new Cool Fire 4 40W has its on and off at the base of the vape kit which means it makes the switching on and off easier especially if you are on travel or moving. You can also reset your kit’s puff counter by just simply pressing the lock 3x.

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