Buy Electronic Cigarettes With SMOK’s 80-Watt Setup

Do you plan to change your vape kit? Why not buy electronic cigarettes with popular Koopor 80W?

What makes this perfectly awesome? Here are the best features below!

1. Inspiring Design

One of the best things about the famous Koopor 80w is its excellent and cool griffin or medieval dragon design. Perfect for those who are adventurous and loves Gothic designs. Looking through the design brings you back childhood memories where dragons are your friends and breathing fires to your enemies. There are different colors to choose from like gray, silver, orange, and white.

Dragons are not just for kids, you can have your own dragon too. Choose one of the colors and designs from authentic vape shops. You can buy electronic cigarettes with awesome designs online or existent shops too.

2. Solid and durable body

If you plan to buy buy electronic cigarettes try the best Koopor 80w. It looks heavy but it is not, very durable and handy. Best even for everyday use especially if you want to carry you mod with you everywhere and anytime. This is design for those who are frequent users.

What makes the vape set weight portable or lightweight is the zinc alloy content that helps in supporting the Koopor 80W. Believe it or not, you will be surprised that even if there is its atomizer you can’t even feel its weight inside your pocket. The total weight is lesser than the half of a pound. Try it to believe it! Even myself was surprised to know about this fact.

3. Pretty cool dimension

The SMOK’s Koopor 80W Knight Set has 81.5mm long and 43mmx24.5 dimension. Hence, finding a perfect space to fit or place it is not an issue at all. While on the other hand the Helmet atomizer is 24.5mm diameter in dimension, so it holds about 2ml of eliquid. If you think this is the best fit for you, why not grab one and enjoy Koopor 80w as your next perfect buddy?

4. Helmet Atomizer

At first glance, SMOK Koopor 80W is just so perfect. The solid body and designs are so perfect for those who loves gothic designs. The kit is nice to look and touch. But that’s not all because even the atomizer is just so cool. It deserves the spotlight as well. In order for you to open this, pressing the lid helps and turn it to open. It is like opening a bottle of medicine. So, if you have kids at home this is best because it won’t easily open by them cause it does a little trick.

If you just try to look at it, you can imagine that the atomizer is like a knight’s headpiece which makes the whole kit to have a dainty design.  You can also easily check the e-liquid inside that is its another great feature.

5. Accessing your kit

When you buy electronic cigarettes you can access to every detail you want to know about your vape through the scree, A 0.91-inch OLED. By simply putting it ‘on’ you can now choose different setups above the USB port. Moreover, you will also know how your mod works- shows you the watt, volt, temperature, resistance, battery power, and more.


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